The artisan tradition of the Aosta Valley speaks the language of wood, soapstone, baskets, lace, leather, fabrics and wrought iron.
Every summer, on the second Sunday of August, in the ancient village of Antey, the Tradition Fair of the Aosta Valley takes place reserved for students of the artisan schools of the whole Region: it is the third most important after that of Sant'Orso in Aosta and that of Sant'Orso di Donnas.

One of the most important sculptors from the Aosta Valley was born and lived in Antey-Saint-André: Luigi Meynet. Originally from a family of farmers, Luigi approached woodworking as a child. Crescendo decides to improve by attending Grato Agostino Maquignaz's laboratory. In 1947 he participated for the first time in the Fiera di Sant'Orso in Aosta. In 1960 he became a sculpture teacher in Bionaz, then in Arnad and Châtillon.
Today of this "Artisan de Montagne" there remain many works symbol of the passion that animated his life and testimony of his talent.

The love for wood gave birth to the project "Even from the stumps the flowers are born", or the creation of sculptures with a floral theme, in the playground in Champagne, during the "Cervino in Fiore" flower and nursery exhibition that takes place annually on the third Sunday of June.